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Dear customer,

Shell & Connexxion has started a pilot with a shuttle bus between the Kesslerpark Rijswijk and C16 The Hague for a period from 22nd of November until 17th of December 2010.

All Shell employees can use, by showing there Shell ID, the shuttle on the following times:
08:00 KesslerPark - C16
08:45 C16 - KesslerPark
09:30 KesslerPark - C16
10:15 C16 - KesslerPark
11:00 KesslerPark - C16
11:45 C16 - KesslerPark
12:30 KesslerPark - C16
13:15 C16 - KesslerPark
14:00 KesslerPark - C16
14:45 C16 - KesslerPark
15:30 KesslerPark - C16
16:15 C16 - KesslerPark
17:00 KesslerPark - C16

Please be aware the shuttle bus is suitable for 6 passengers.

If you want to reserve a seat at the shuttle bus please contact our office at +31703196607

The bus is recognisable by a Shell Shuttle RWK-HAG sign.